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hello, I'm Kate
Contemporary landscape painter
Kate’s work is a celebration of colour. Her naive landscapes invite the view to enter the realm of the imagination by exploring the hues and shapes of the compositions. Landscapes offer the perfect outlet for presenting colour in riotous combinations in some instances, and in others a more muted but still impactful approach.

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Commissions are welcome!

Commissions are a fantastic way to get a personalised painting just for you, from your favourite arist. If you've seen a painitng that's already been sold but you just love it, a new version of that piece can be customised just for you.Paintings can also be created with a new size. A personalised piece for your home, office, bedroom or nursery is a great way to be involved in the art-making process and is easy to do. If you are looking to commission a piece just for you or as a gift, please get in touch, general enquiries are also welcome.

Latest Paintings

Morning Walk No.4 51x61cm
Cockatoo Canopy 76x76cm
Blue Midnight 92x102cm
Pink Sorbet No.9 30x30 inches

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