Colour is my passion

Having grown up in a household with a fulltime artist, Kate has always had an interest in art and especially paintings, being drawn to the worlds that are created in the area of the canvas. After achieving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2003, Kate pursued a successful career in graphic design before eventually making the switch to art. She was mentored by her fine artist father, now focussing her time and energy into life as a contemporary artist from her studio in Brisbane, specialising in landscapes.

Nature provides endless inspiration for her work, whether it be a vibrant seaside or a rural scene composed of dreamy hues. The most important aspect of her practice is balance, achieved through exploring colour in partnership with the composition. Her style is textural and bold; the placement and shape of every part of the painting is as considered as the colours that they are made up of. These palettes are either brought together in harmony or used alongside each other to bring tension, but always balanced.

Kate’s work is fast becoming known for its whimsical, naïve and colourful boldness that invite the viewer to be drawn in through their imagination. Her paintings are in private collections throughout Australia, Asia, Europe, USA and Canada.

To contact Kate directly, simply email or send a message via Instagram @katrus


Milk Factory Gallery

A selection of works are available at Milk Factory Gallery located at 33 Station Street, Bowral, NSW. A contemporary art space to showcase artistic talent, visit the website for more info.

Montville Art Gallery

A selection of Kate’s latest work can be purchased through Montville Art Gallery, located at 138 Main Street, Montville, in the gorgeous hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. See Kate’s available collection here.


The home of Australian artists. Bluethumb is Australia’s largest online art gallery connecting over 11,000 Australian artists with art buyers. See Kate’s available collection here.

Art Lovers Australia

A marketplace full of affordable, original art by Australia’s emerging artists. See Kate’s available collection here.


Buying art made easy: Singulart is an online gallery for contemporary art that allows collectors and art lovers alike to buy works of art in complete security from nationally recognized artists. See Kate’s available collection here.

Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art connects people with art and artists they love. Based in Los Angeles, Saatchi Art is redefining the experience of buying and selling art by making it easy, convenient and welcoming for both collectors and artists. See Kate’s collection here.