Endeavour Foundation Brand

During 2016-2017 Endeavour Foundation began a rebranding project that sought to refresh the organisation’s messaging and look-and-feel in the face of the challenges associated with the National Disability Insurance Scheme and how it was going to be commercially impacting. Based on that work, here is a selection of materials that showcase the highlights from that rebrand.

Brand Book

To introduce the new brand and outline what it means to the business and why things are changing, a brand book was developed to support staff to that end. Below are a number of pages from that 36-page wire-bound A5 book. This book explained that a brand is more than just a logo, it is the whole way the organisation presents itself through all its interactions with existing and potential customers,┬áit is about ‘influencing the conversation’.

Brand Collateral

Corporate Brochure – 4 page

DL Flyers – 6 page

Pull-up Banners

Press Ads

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